Talks & Seminars

Engaging, lively & informative presentations


We regularly present talks to universities, astronomy societies, local groups or visitors to any one of our exhibitions around the UK. 


Richly-illustrated, the talks are often accompanied by special items from the archive collection to add that special degree of fascination for anyone interested in the history of space exploration, how it was reported back here on earth, or where it is headed in the future. 


If you would like to know more about any of our talks programme, or would like to book a presentation by our Director, Alastair Fairley, to your group, please contact us at


A selection of our talks

- 60 years in space -

- The Fairley Archive of Space Exploration -

- The legacy of Apollo -

- Man on the moon -

- The space race -

- Space – the world’s biggest media event -


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