Astronauts – Steve Pyke MBE

Steve Pyke is a leading British photographer now living in New Orleans.
Born in Leicester in 1957, Pyke early work helped define the emergent visual signature of the iconic 1980s magazine The Face, before going on to work with leading international film directors including Peter Greenaway and Mike Nichols.
Pyke’s trademark portrait photographic style involves using close-up lenses using his trust Rolleiflex camera, allowing him to make incisive direct images with the square 6x6cm negative. In the late 90s he completed his series ‘Astronauts’, photographing the men who had walked on the moon and other space pioneers as well as other artefacts from the Apollo space missions.
FASE collaborated with Steve Pyke in bringing this unique series of portraits to UK audiences with a joint exhibition of his ‘Astronauts’ series and FASE’s original photography of the astronauts in space in their heyday. Held at the Independent Photographer’s Gallery in Battle, East Sussex in 2009 it also included new photography by Pyke of some of the artefacts within the FASE archive.

This exhibition is a must-see” – BBC South East Today