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“Moonbug” – Producer/ Director/Cinematography/Writer: Nichola Bruce
Feature Documentary 2009/2010




Bitten by the 'Moonbug', photographer Steve Pyke set out on a journey across America in his search to meet and photograph the Apollo space pioneers. A journey in which he was to meet the adventurers, risk takers and dreamers who were behind one of the most historic endeavours of our time. From living rooms and moonscape deserts, to Cape Canaveral, Steve captures these pioneers in frank, revealing portraits, while
unravelling their very personal and divergent memories.
With rare archive footage, photographs from the FASE archive and an original score by Matt Johnson and The The, Moonbug is both a photographic road trip and an exploration of how photographs become signpost for history.
Featuring Photographer Steve Pyke, and the Apollo Team:
Eugene Kranz, Walter Cunningham, Wally Schirra, Buzz Aldrin, Dick Gordon, Pete Conrad, Alan Bean, Frank Borman, Rusty Schweickhart, Fred Haise, Chris Kraft, Eugene Cernan.
It is a rare and wonderful experience to visit with the men who went to the moon. Steve Pyke has done it and thanks to Nichola Bruce’s compelling film MOONBUG everyone else can come along”  – Andrew Chaikin, author of ‘A Man on the Moon’
Winner of the Special Jury Remi Award
Houston International Film Festival 2011


“The Crown” – Writer Peter Morgan
A Left Bank Pictures &
Sony Pictures Television production for Netflix 2019
Television drama series about the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The third season of this highly-acclaimed series will continue the drama from 1964, covering Harold Wilson’s two periods as Prime Minister until 1976, including an episode on the visit by the Apollo astronauts to London to meet the Queen.
The FASE archive has been requested to loan items from its collection as props for the episode, including a copy of Peter Fairley’s 1969 book, “Man on the Moon”.
Golden Globe Awards –  Best TV Drama Series 2017
Screen Actors Guild – Outstanding performance by a female actor 2018
Bafta TV Awards – Best supporting actress 2018