Inspiring new generations through the wonder of space

Astronaut Leland Melvin talks with school children as students build their vision of the future in space with LEGO bricks. Source NASA/Bill Ingalls

We’re dedicated to helping create the next generation of scientists, writers, artists and technicians to make our planet a better place. And who knows, some of them may even end up working in space…
Since our foundation, we have worked with schools, colleges and universities, giving talks and presentations, exploring historical items from our collection, and helping educate young people in all manner of different aspects related to man’s exploration of the moon, our own planet, and the universe.
Our talks have been geared to pupils at all stages of the National Curriculum, explaining how man first landed on the moon, earth and space, astronauts and the solar system and much more.
For older students, our presentations have focused on the history of manned space flight, the space race between the USA and USSR, and the development of mass media communications through the space programme.
If you would like to arrange a talk to your school, college or university department, please contact us by email first with an initial enquiry at


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