The Fairley Archive

Bringing the wonder of space to life

Few of us will ever get the chance to visit space – our archive brings its wonder to life.

Since 2006 we have been cataloguing, exhibiting and reproducing key items from a remarkable collection of rare photography, artefacts and space memorabilia amassed by Peter Fairley, the Science Editor of the UK’s Independent Television News service. Collected throughout the 1960s and 70s it covers the golden era of space exploration.


Own your own piece of history – buy one of our fine art photographic prints now


As NASA and Soviet space programmes raced to achieve ever-more daring feats, man’s understanding of our Earth, Moon, Solar System and Outer Universe took huge leaps. Through journalism, TV coverage, books and radio, their achievements were brought to life to us back here at home.


Today, the Fairley Archive of Space Exploration (FASE) continues that work, and now offers you a chance to share in that history and own your own piece of this most historic of man’s achievements.


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