About Peter Fairley

Peter Fairley was the Science Editor of, first, the London Evening Standard, then subsequently Independent Television News (ITN), TVTimes and Capital Radio.

Throughout the 1960s and 70s he became known to millions of TV viewers as ‘the Face of Space’, presenting nightly bulletins on the network’s flagship ‘News at Ten’ broadcasts and the children’s TV programme ‘Magpie’.

His books include the best-selling ‘Man on the Moon’, published just three months after Armstrong first set foot on the lunar surface, ‘The ABC of Space’ and his popular yearly publication ‘Peter Fairley’s Space Annual’.

Working closely with NASA for 18 years, Fairley’s archive includes thousands of original NASA photographic images, prints and transparencies, original film footage taken by astronauts on the moon and a large collection of signed autographs, books and other rare original memorabilia during his years working in the field.

Fairley’s work has been recognised by a commemorative star in his name which can be seen each night via telescope in Orion’s belt.

Following his death in 1998 his son, writer Alastair Fairley, founded FASE to bring this unique archive of space exploration to new generations.