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In a first for the UK, the Fairley archive has been invited to participate n a major new exhibition at the heart of the NASA space administration to celebrate the Apollo space programme. To be held at the Johnson Space Center in Houston from December, for two months visitors will be able to see many of the artefacts within the Fairley archive on display together with the stunning portrait photographs of Astronauts by leading photographer Steve Pyke MBE, together with screenings of the award-winning documentary “Moonbug” by top film-maker Nichola Bruce.

To accompany the exhibition we are producing a beautiful new book with all of Steve’s photographs together with archive photography from the FASE arcihve (see below)

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New book to

commemorate Apollo

lunar missions

To coincide with the exciting, new exhibition for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the Fairley Archive is to collaborate with photographer Steve Pyke and filmmaker NIchola Bruce in producing a stunning new book to commemorate the Apollo lunar missions.

Written by FASE curator Alastair Fairley, the full-colour, 112-page book will feature all of Steve Pyke’s stunning portraits of the surviving Apollo astronauts and key members of the NASA space programme. Mission-by-mission, the portraits will be further illustrated with outstanding photography taken by the astronauts in space and selected from the collection of original NASA photographs within the Fairley archive.

This will be the first such time all Pyke’s outstanding portraits of the Apollo astronauts will be published in their entireity. Together with the photographs taken on the Apollo missions, and full flight details, payload information and lunar walk data this will make a perfect addition to your collection, or as a special gift to commemorate this key period in man’s exploration history.

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Our Projects programme

Whether it’s hosting touring exhibitions, developing music collaborations or undertaking educational talks and seminars, we are always seeking new ways to promote interest and involvement in space exploration.

Perhaps you need a talk provided at your school? Your conference needs an exciting theme to attract delegates? Or may be your gallery, museum or Science Centre wants a dynamic, headline exhibition to bring in visitors or promote sales?

Already, our collaborations have seen us work with some of the most talented creative individuals worldwide, including leading photographer Steve Pyke, platinum-selling pop group Erasure and the award-winning documentary film-maker Nichola Bruce.

Our touring exhibition, Man on the Moon, opened to critical acclaim in July as part of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 and is set to tour to other galleries throughout the UK and Europe. If you would like to host this stunning exhibition of contemporary and archive photography, together with its rare collection of artefacts, simply click on the Exhibitions link on this page to find out more.

Our archive is available for film-makers and historians alike seeking exclusive and rare photography from the golden era of space exploration - and has already become an invaluable resource for many.

Most recently, we are proud to be working with leading composer Leonardo di Lorenzo on a spectacular son et lumeiere project for his new work “Dream of an Astronaut”.

Whatever your interest, we are always open to suggestions for new ways in which we can use this priceless archive and promote interest in space exploration - so why not contact us now!

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NASA invites Man on the

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Johnson Space Center