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But, while the US saw the visual recording of space as a key element to their programme, the Russians were operating almost entirely in secret. As a result, our impression of space is seen almost entirely through an American lens.

“Moscow Calling” is a new documentary programme exploring the exploration of space - through Soviet eyes.

While the Americans were busy sending men up into space, what machines were the Russians developing to do the same job for them? What were their astronauts filming when weightless in the void, and what was their publicity machine telling their people?

With exclusive documentary footage from the USSR’s space programme and rare photography drawn from the former Soviet Union’s image banks, “Moscow Calling” looks at manned space exploration from an entirely different angle, and seeks out some of the surviving pioneers from this equally adventurous nation to learn their story.

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Moon Bug

While the world watched in fascination as successive Apollo programmes brought stunning images of space back to viewers on earth, the Soviet Union was locked in its own battle to become the first nation to place a man on the moon.

“moscow calling”