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Launched as part of International Year of Astronomy 2009, ‘Man on the Moon’ is a major new collaboration between two of the UK’s leading creative professionals, photographer Steve Pyke MBE and award-winning film-maker Nichola Bruce, and the Fairley Archive of Space Exploration.

The exhibition offers any visitor, young or old, a fascinating insight into the extraordinary feats achieved during NASA’s pioneering lunar programme. From the day Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon’s surface in 1969, through to the final return to earth of the last Apollo 17 mission in 1972, the programme broke new ground in understanding both the moon and the earth’s history as well as providing new insights into the creation of the universe.

The exhibition offers rare archive material with signed photographs from all the Apollo astronauts, mission badges and achievements and a fascinating collection of museum-quality, framed fine art prints from original NASA transparencies of the period painstakingly restored by the archive’s specilalists.

In addition, the exhibition brings this historic period bang up to date with an outstanding series of contemporary portraits of the Astronauts today by Steve Pyke MBE, the photographer-in-residence at the New Yorker Magazine and one of the world’s leading portrait photographers. Exhibited alongside, his series of highly-detailed photo ecthings “Rock,Box,Hammer”, produced specifically by the Royal College of Art, explore the many unusual objects which have ventured into space, a fascinating insight into the power history can imbue otherwise inanimate objects.

Complementing the exhibition’s photographic approach, Man on the Moon has exclusive excerpts from the upcoming documentary feature “Moon Bug” by the award-winning film-maker Nichola Bruce, profiling Steve Pyke’s odyssey to capture the Astronauts on camera with revealing interviews of the pioneers and dramatic footage of space shuttle launches.

Man on the Moon is a touring exhibition available for display at your gallery, science centre, conference or exhibition hall.

For further details on availability and terms, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Man on the Moon is a unique exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversaries of the Apollo moon landings in photography, moving image and rare archive.