exhibition specifications


Original NASA Mission Photographs

Apollo Lunar Program 7 - 17

Original signatures from Astronauts

Authentic Embroidered NASA Mission Badge

Mission Details, dates, payload etc

10 x frames, matt black

24” x 17” (portrait & landscape)

Original NASA Mission Photographs

Apollo 11

Original signatures from Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins

3 x frames silver

14” x 16” (width/height)

Certified fine art photographic prints from original, first-edition NASA transparencies, numbered.

Printed at 2400 - 4800dpi on high quality, bleach-free art paper

Limited to editions of between 100-250

Certificate of NASA authenticity

3 x frames (matt black)

36” x 28” (portrait)

5 x frames (matt black)

28” x 24” (landscape)

5 x frames (matt black)

24” x 28” (portrait)

2 x frames (matt black)

24” x 18” (landscape)

Fine Art Photographic Prints

Film Roll

Fine art photographic prints from original Hasselblad roll of film taken on lunar surface Apollo 11

4 sequences

4 x frames (matt black)

16” x 39” (width/height)

Contemporary Astronauts Portraits

Steve Pyke MBE

Contemporary Portraits of Apollo & other NASA Astronauts

Signed by the photographer

Limited to editions of 50

3 prints (unframed)

26” x 30” (width/height)

20 prints (framed - wood)

12” x 16”

“Rock, Box,



Steve Pyke MBE

Series of outstanding quality, unusual photo-etchings of artefacts returned from NASA space missions, printed by Royal College of Art

Signed by the photographer

Limited to editions of 10

9 prints (framed - white)

24” x 32” (width/height)


Prints - artefacts

Steve Pyke MBE

Series of colour photographs of personal artefacts collected by NASA astronauts

Signed by the photographer

Limited to editions of 10

8 prints (framed - black)

17” x 17” (width/height)

Digital Moving Image

Nichola Bruce

Extracts from forthcoming documentary feature film - “MoonBug”

Director: Nichola Bruce

Producer: Beverley Cook

Excerpts display:

Space Dust (projector)

Buzz Aldrin Portrait

Eugene Cernan Portrait

Space Shuttle Launch

Digital Projector

3 x Digital Photo Frames

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