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film & TV

Perhaps not surprisingly, therefore, our archive presents an ideal foundation for film-makers both for research and illustration, whatever their interest in manned space exploration.

With thousands of images kept in carefully-maintained storage, researchers are able to view actual images at our studio, working from original transparencies and prints directly from NASA. Alternatively, we can do the research for you from our knowledge of the archive and according to your requirements. Depending on your needs, film or video can be recorded either locally or at your own studio, by prior arrangement.

With most NASA imagery being government issue, copyright terms, in the most part, allow any bona fide film or television project to use the photography freely. However, we would draw your attention to NASA guidelines over the specific use of its imagery, as set out in our Permissions section.

And, to further develop Man on the Moon’s own work in promoting understanding of space exploration, we’re even working on our own television projects, using our unique archive as its own launch pad for new insights into the history of man in space.

Moon Bug

Fuelled by NASA’s own drive to chronicle its’ manned exploration of space on camera, the exploration of worlds beyond our own has long been a fascination for film and documentary-makers worldwide.

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