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At Manonthemoon.org.uk, we’re nuts about space. Whether it’s amazing visitors with gee-whizz exhibitions or getting involved with exciting new multimedia projects which explore man’s fascination with the outer universe, there’s just something about this super-human endeavour which captures our – and everyone else’s – imagination.

Our work is based on a wonderful bequest from the Fairley Archive of Space Exploration, a unique personal collection of original NASA photography and artefacts from the space race made by the late Peter Fairley, the former science editor of the UK’s leading news broadcaster, ITN.

It was Fairley who brought space to millions of viewers every night via his broadcasts and, over his twenty-five years covering this golden age, he amassed an extraordinary array of memorabilia, original photography, signed photographs and other artefacts from both the US and Soviet space programmes as he travelled round the world, meeting astronauts, interviewing scientists and explaining what they were doing to the people back home.

Now, we’re carrying on that work, and hope to bringing the same excitement and fascination he brought to his broadcasts through our programme of exhibitions, education resources and collaborations with leading artists or corporations working in this fast-moving field.

What is more, by carefully restoring the photography in this amazing collection, you too can be part of the space programme and acquire your own piece of this historic endeavour with a limited-edition fine art print made from these extraordinary, original NASA photographs that form the basis of the archive.

And if you have a project you think we might be interested in - get in touch. We’re always open to new ideas!

Signed photographs and books from Neil Armstrong and John Glenn are all part of the archive

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